Article 1 – A federation is constituted in the city of Barcelona that will be called the Federation of Associations of International Entrepreneurs and PROFESSIONALS, which will act under the anagram of "FAEPI" and that will be governed by current legislation and by these Statutes.

Article 2.- The federation shall pursue the following purposes:

a) Coordinate the activities of the member associations, ensuring that they observe the current legislation that is applicable to them and their respective Statutes
b) Serve as a link between the different associations, in order to maintain contacts and exchange of information on the respective activities.
c) Try to make each of the member associations serve the maximum purposes provided for in their statutes.

Article 3º.- The domicile of the federation will be located in the city of Barcelona, Carrer Estruc, 22 08020. The Board of Directors may agree to the change of address.

Article 4- The Federation that is constituted will develop mainly its activities in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, will have indefinite duration and will only be dissolved by agreement of the Extraordinary General Assembly or for the causes provided for in the Laws.

Article 5º.- The Board of Directors will be the body to commit you to interpret the precepts contained in these Statutes and cover their gaps, always submitting to the current legal regulations, in matters of associations

These Statutes will be fulfilled through the valid resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, within their respective competence.




Article 6.- The government and administration of the Federation shall be in charge of a Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

Article 7.- The Board of Directors shall be formed by a president, a secretary and a treasurer, all positions that must fall on representatives of the member associations.

Article 8º.- The positions that make up the Board of Directors will be free, will be elected in General Assembly and will last a period of five years, although they can be subject to re-election. The staff, as well as the provision of services performed by companies that need to be hired for the smooth running of the management of the federation, will be the task of the Board of Directors.

The positions of the Board of Directors will be renewed in two shifts. In the first shift, the secretary and treasurer will be renewed. The first term of the renewable office in the second shift will last one more year.

Article 9.- It is the function of the Board of Directors to direct the activities of the Federation and carry out the administrative and economic management of the same, executing the resolutions of the General Assembly, and submit to it the annual budget of income and expenses, as well as the statement of accounts of the previous year.

Article 10.- The Board of Directors shall hold its meetings as many times as determined by its president, on its own initiative or at the request of any of its members. It shall be chaired by the President and the Secretary shall draw up minutes, which shall be transcribed into the corresponding book.

Article 11.- The Board of Directors may delegate to any of its members the execution of certain agreements or the performance of certain procedures that are of interest to the federation. Either of these things will be reported at all Board meetings held.

Article 12.- The president of the Board of Directors shall also be of the Federation and shall have the following powers:

a) Legally represent the federation.
b) Convene, preside over and adjourn the meetings held by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, direct the deliberations of one and the other, deciding with a casting vote, in case of a tie.
c) Propose the plan of activities of the federation to the Board of Directors and direct its tasks.
d) Order validly agreed payments.

Article 13.- The secretary will receive and process the applications for admission, will keep the file and the register book of members and will be in charge of the direction of the administrative work of the federation.

Article 14.- The treasurer shall direct the accounts and take account of the income and expenses. It will collect and guard the funds belonging to the federation and will comply with the payment orders issued by the president.

The treasurer will formalize every year the budget of income and expenses, as well as the statement of accounts of the previous year, which must be presented to the Board of Directors, so that it, in turn, submits it to the approval of the General Assembly.

Article 15.- Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous articles, each of the members of the Board of Directors shall have the obligations of their position, as well as those arising from the delegation or commissions entrusted to them by the Board itself.

Article 16.- The General Assembly shall be composed of the representatives of all the member associations and is the supreme organ of the Federation and shall meet whenever agreed by the Board of Directors.

Obligatorily, the General Assembly must be convened in ordinary session once a year, within the first quarter of the year, to approve the action plan of the Federation, censure the management of the Board of Directors, approve, where appropriate, the annual budgets of income and expenses, as well as the statement of accounts corresponding to the previous year.

The General Assembly will meet in extraordinary session when so agreed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the matters to be dealt with and always to agree on the disposition or alienation of assets, appointment of the Board of Directors, statutory modifications and dissolution of the Federation.

Article 17.- The convocation of the General Assemblies, whether ordinary or extraordinary, shall be made in writing, expressing the place, date and time of the meeting, as well as the agenda. Between the convocation and the day designated for the celebration of the Assembly, at least fifteen days must be mediated, it will also be recorded, if appropriate, at the time when the General Assembly will meet on second call, without a period of less than half an hour between one meeting and another.

Article 18.- The General Assemblies, both ordinary and extraordinary, shall be validly constituted in the first call when the majority of their members attend them, and in the second call, whatever the number of attendees.

Decisions shall be adopted by a majority vote, except in the case of matters referred to in Article 16, in which case two-thirds of those present shall be required to vote in favour.




Article 19.- Associations that meet the following conditions may be members of the Federation:

a) That they are legally registered by the competent authority.
b) Copy of the Statutes governing the Association.
c) Certification of the competent body accrediting the registration in the corresponding Registry
d) Certification of the agreement of the General Assembly, held in accordance with its statutes, proving the desire of the Association to federate and to comply with the Statutes of the Federation.

Of all the documentation presented, the president of the Federation will give an account to the Board of Directors, which will agree to the admission or refusal without any appeal against its agreement.

Article 21.- The member associations may, at any time, renounce their status, requesting the withdrawal by writing to the president of the Federation, which will be accompanied by an agreement adopted by the General Assembly in this regard.

Likewise, Associations that incur in the following irregularities will lose their status as members of the Federation:
a) The repeated non-observance of the laws in force regarding the associations or the precepts contained in their respective Statutes.
b) Not to satisfy the quota agreed to the Federation for two months or not to collaborate with it in the achievement of its purposes.

The determination of the existence of the above causes will be of the free appreciation of the Board of Directors of the Federation, which, where appropriate, will decree the withdrawal by reasoned agreement.

Article 22.- Member associations shall enjoy the following rights:

a) Take part in all federative activities organized by the Federation b) Receive communications and information about the activities in
accordance with the purposes of the Federation.
c) Have a representative in the General Assemblies of the Federation with the right to voice and vote.
d) Present suggestions or notions to the Board of Directors of the Federation.
e) Present candidacies so that its associates can be elected members of the Board of Directors of the Federation.


Article 23.- The obligations of all member associations shall be:

a) Comply with the requirements contained in these Statutes and the valid agreements adopted by the General Assemblies and by the Board of Directors of the Federation.
b) Require members who hold positions on the Board of Directors of the Federation to faithfully fulfill their functions.
c) Pay the entrance fees and the periodic fees agreed by the Board of Directors of the Federation.
d) Cooperate at all times to the fulfillment of the purposes of the Federation.

Article 24.- Member associations may receive the sanctions to which they become creditors for breach of their obligations. Such sanctions may range from the loss of their rights for at least one month to the definitive separation from the Federation. However, no member association may be separated from it without first having been heard.





Article 25.- The founding patrimony of the Federation is non-existent and the annual budget may not initially exceed five hundred thousand pesetas.

Article 26.- The economic resources provided for the development of the activities of the Federation shall be the following:

a) The entry fee indicated by the Board of Directors for member associations.
b) The annual quotas agreed by the same.
c) The products of the goods and rights that correspond to it in property, as well as the subsidies, legacies and donations that it can receive in a legal way.
d) The income obtained through the lawful activities agreed by the Board of Directors.

Article 27.- The annual fees shall be paid by the member associations in monthly fractions and always in advance. The passage of two without having made effective the payment corresponding to them will mean for the association the incursion into the default referred to in article 21 of these Statutes.

Article 28.- The administration of the funds of the Federation shall be carried out in detail, subject to the corresponding intervention and publicity, so that the member associations may have periodic knowledge of the destination of the funds. The statement of accounts of income and expenditure shall be disclosed to them annually.
At any time and upon request to the Treasurer, the member associations will have access to the accounts of the Federation




Article 29.- These statutes may be modified, by virtue of an agreement adopted at the Extraordinary General Assembly, with the favorable vote of two-thirds of the representatives of the member associations.

The same procedure must be followed in the case of mergers with other similar federations and creation or incorporation into confederations.

Article 30.- The favorable vote of the third parties of the representatives of the member associations adopted at the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting for this purpose shall be necessary to dissolve the Federation.

The Extraordinary General Assembly that adopts the agreement to dissolve the Federation must appoint a liquidation commission composed of five members, which will take charge of the funds that exist and, once the remaining debts have been satisfied, if any, will be delivered by the aforementioned commission, in equal parts, to the member associations of the dissolved Federation.